Green Travel Plan 

Our Green Travel Plan is designed to benefit our delegates, our staff, the University as well as the environment.

Based on extensive analysis of best practice, a range of initiatives have been introduced.

Good for your delegates

• Cheaper or free ways to travel to Stirling Court Hotel.
• Healthier ways to travel.
• Reduced travel stress.
• Incentives for those delegates that choose to car share
• Reducing their personal carbon footprint

Good for Stirling Court Hotel

• Safer and more pleasant campus environment.
• Meeting our obligations for sustainability as we grow and develop.
• Reduced congestion and noise

• Reduced impact on the surrounding environment
• Improved air quality
• Overall commitment to reduced emissions

Parking at Stirling Court Hotel

The Stirling Court Hotel offers parking for ease of event planning and all of our visitors. This is offered on a first come first served basis and on busy days may be limited – if you have a large event please call the sales office to discuss your parking options.

In order to avoid for parking charges for delegates and to achieve our green travel plan objectives we do wish to encourage more environmentally friendly approaches to visiting the hotel.

What are we aiming to achieve?

To make travel to The Stirling Court Hotel as easy as possible.
To help delegates park at The Stirling Court Hotel
To encourage green business travel
To reduce single car occupancy
To reduce travel related stress

How do we achieve this ?

We ask event organisers to encourage delegates to use public transport and car share and refer their delegates to our travel plan – details can be found on our website under ‘getting here’.

You can enjoy preferential accommodation rates for ‘shoulder nights’ on events. This facilitates travel by various means and allows delegates to arrive at the hotel the night before their event relaxed and stress free.

We offer an ‘overspill’ car parking facility in Stirling and can arrange for busses to pick your delegates up at a designated area, drop them off at your event and take them back to their cars at an agreed time. Please discuss this option with your event Sales Executive.

We are unable to achieve these objectives without your assistance. To help us achieve our aims please complete the following information for your forthcoming events at The Stirling Court Hotel.